I am Berenice Albertini

A talented Project and Account manager in Web and communications. Living in France and working since 2006 for Geneva English & French speaking companies.




Simply Innovative

Simply Innovative

I guide the companies and individuals in their innovation and execute with excellence the dream came true to prosperity.

Simply Effective

Simply Effective

Along with you, I bring to life the recipe for your success. Together with you, I built, and guide the design to deliver the platform that talks to your target.

Simply Learning

Simply Learning

I firmly believe in learning by doing. Hence, never rest on my laurels: go beyond and above and think outside the bo is what I believe in. In September 2014 I became certified in Digital Strategy by the best in class teachers from Facebook and Vansken.

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Make something worth making. Sell something worth talking about.

-- Seth Godin --

My talents

A talent is what makes us unique. From 2006, my experience on the field confirmed my passion about executing innovation when deploying brands.

Project Management

Or I should say project running. As yes, a project is like a relay race where a critical path schedule needs to set, allowing to deploy on time the deliverables a business needs to grow.

My talents:
  • Research & Strategy support
  • Objectives & Deliverables management
  • Critical Path Schedule & Budget
  • Deployment until Delivery
  • New team members training

Account Management

Or should I say finance, clients and colleagues management. Budgets are too high for the consumer but not high enough for the financial department. Deliverables can extend but not budget. I harmonize demands and reality while making revenue.

My talents:
  • Pareto law account management
  • Costs transparency
  • Revenue targets

Digital & Trade Marketing

Trade, whether it’s in supermarkets or boutiques, and the digital world whether it’s an e-shop or a Facebook page have the same demand: SELL – QUICK – EFFECTIVE.

My talents:
  • Digital specialisation (strategy certification) and Web Production delivery
  • Trade toolbox marketing tools, customisable CMS
  • Revenue generating displays, effective web sites & apps
  • Shopper education and user experience
  • Video production

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Client & Colleagues Testimonials

  • When I asked Bérénice to create a new website, Bérénice left aside the technique and talked to me about communication, message, image, target to lead to what we really needed. Then she conceived the site, with constant contact with us, remaining sure we’ll be autonomous once the site was launched. A very professional way of working, to which I learned a lot, and that I can only recommend.

    Frédérique Champreux – Data Quality Analyst – Studio Paon *client* *2015*
  •  I have worked with Berenice over the last 3 years on Pantene EMEA (Europe/Middle East/Africa) projects where she was Account Manager at our in-store agency. During those years, I could appreciate Berenice’s calm and clear communication which was particularly helpful in a context of complex projects, spanning across several regions and different brand teams. She successfully operated in a challenging role where she had to partner with other agencies to ensure the in-store communication was integrated in the broader marketing plot, as such demonstrating strong collaboration skills and a good sense of overall marketing. From a technical mastery point of view, Berenice has demonstrated that she knows what it takes to make for effective in-store communication. She also displayed a positive attitude towards feedback and learning, eagerly leveraging occasions to further build her marketing mastery.

    Hélène Dusseaux – Brand Building Integrated Communication – Pantene EMEA – P&G *client* *2014*
  • I worked with Bérénice in 2011 & 2012, when she was an Account Manager for FPP’s Pantene EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa) account. Bérénice demonstrated excellent project management skills, as well as a strong marketing and relationship building skills. Her contribution to Pantene’s communication toolbox development exceeded my expectations, as she successfully lead her agency team to deliver high quality in-store toolboxes despite crash timelines & very demanding workloads. She successfully engaged with the broader cross-agency teams to ensure holisticity of the instore communication tools. Further, Bérénice has an eye for beauty and her attention to details did make a true difference. I can highly recommend Bérénice. She is as an asset to both agency & brand teams and I would happily work with her again at any point of time.

    Paul Widemeier – Assistant Brand Manager Pantene CEEMEA – P&G *client* *2011-2012*
  • I have worked with Berenice on re-designing the in-store presence of Pantene in the CEEMEA (Central Eastern Europe Middle East and Africa) region. Berenice is a very pleasant counterpart to work with, striking me with great responsiveness and strong service orientation. We worked the project under high time and budget pressure and managed to deliver a book with materials recognised as a true break-through by the local teams and regional management.

    Sarah Stockar – Assistant Brand Manager – Pantene CEMEA – P&G *client* *2014*
  • Professional, organised and motivated. I had the opportunity to work almost a year with Berenice. Working together in several projects; we got together quite well thanks to her manner of keeping everything organised and friendly communicational skills. Always arriving at work with a big smile, Berenice positive attitude will definitely drive any team to success.

    Ricardo Gerstl, Lead developer, Media Frontier *colleague**2014*
  • Bérénice is a pleasure to work with. She is a very passionate, enthusiastic team player. She has an immaculate precision to detail, manages budgets exceptionally well and will always deliver above and beyond what she says she will. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and I know her Clients feel the same about her.

    Laura Zanni, Advertising Excellence Manager, Nestlé *colleague**2013*
  • Want to read more of those or check the veracity of those great reviews? Scroll all the way down, send me a message and I’ll display my full Linkedin profile.

    Bérénice Albertini, Web professional, marketing *2015*




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